•  Identifying which professional services can be utilized by analyzing the needs of our customers;
  •                 Setting goals for services that enable us to perform our work and to meet the needs of our customers in the best way and to provide services exceeding expectations;
  •                 Preparing a proper customer service plan to achieve these service goals;
  •                 Implementing our service plan correctly in order to fulfill our obligations, to anticipate potential problems and to avoid vagaries;
  •                 Establishing an efficient and creative communication to better understand the value and quality of our services for our customers;
  •                 Ensuring that professional, technical or customer service issues are addressed in a timely and mutually respectful manner;
  •                 Asking our customers for their feedback to evaluate our services and products;
  •                 Setting prices for services and products in a way that will be perceived as reasonable and fair by our customers, given the quality of our services and the responsibilities we undertake.       
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